I found Alex

For all non-Dutch: the English teaser of my debut novel.


Based on a proven mathematical love equation, Vincent is convinced he will be happy with Kim. Probability theories provide control over his life.

When booking their honeymoon, he recognises his brother Alex – who is believed to be dead – in one of the travel brochures. He sacrifices his calculated, risk-avoiding lifestyle with one purpose only – that of finding his brother.

His search starts in Peñíscola (Spain), unfortunately without success. He meets Rosana, a street mime artist who spends her days ‘without a head’. She encourages him to let go of his risk-avoiding lifestyle, to increase the chance of encountering his unconventional brother. Slowly he starts leading the life that Alex would have led. At first this was in order to find Alex, but to his own surprise he likes this easy-going lifestyle.

Vincent spends his days disguised as Rosana’s. In the evenings, he and Rosana spend the proceeds on drinks. He forgets about his other life. The planned date for the wedding comes and goes. Not only his behaviour, but also his appearance is completely transformed. He becomes an image of his brother in every aspect.


A search for freedom and wholeness.

Setting, timeframe and size

The Netherlands, Spain and Italy.
Present and recent past (1988-2009).

Number of words: appr. 60,000.

Genre and target group

Development novel, psychological novel for adults


Bron: Findmypublisher.com


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